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Noisy Nod

Noisy Nod

Noisy Nodd is the oldest and wisest in Lapland. With his vast amount of  knowledge he is the elf all his friends look up to for advice, encouragement,  education or simply an in depth chat.


He is very much loved around the forest and is always willing to help with any problem he is presented with. Noisys love for music and instruments (bells in particular!) came from a very  young age and he really enjoys experimenting with different sounds and  encouraging his friends to do the same. He spreads Christmas cheer with his  bells and his smile alone can light up the room.  

Noisy Nod Voice Example

Older wise elf (can be played by any age)  

Beard, glasses, colourful green traditional outfit with bells on it

Reading and telling stories to his friends, learning new things, when  everyone is happy, sharing his knowledge, encouraging others, problem solving, giving advice, ringing his bell, loud noises, sitting by the fire, taking walks under  the Northern Lights, the forest

When people do not listen, if someone is louder than him, when  people are rude to one of his friends, if he does not know the answer to  someone’s question, when someone is upset

Unique Characteristics
Knowledgeable, helpful, patient, guided by  wisdom, forgiving, loud, at one with nature, inner peace  

Canterbury Travel Elves

What we are looking for

To be considered for this role we are seeking a professional eclectic entertainer with excellent improvisational skills, a witty persona with excellent story telling skills.  You must have the ability to remain professional and in character throughout the day and possess skills in not only bringing the character to life through direction, but also doing so through your own personal character development.

Noisy Nod Voice Example

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