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Arctic Star Job Vacancy

Arctic Star

Become a Part of the Magic

the Role

Your role as an Arctic Star makes you vital in the success of the tours. You will be guiding the guests throughout their time in Lapland, and you will be their first point of contact for any issues they may face.


You will need to possess a high level of organisation, a friendly face, the ability to stay calm under pressure and the creativity to adapt to any unexpected occurrences.


The role of the Arctic Star comes down to how you make it. You could be the most organised person but what really needs to shine through is your personality. You need to be confident speaking to large groups of people as this will be a major part of your role, which will involve speaking to people on a microphone. Throughout each tour, there will be multiple coaches running through each location, so you need to make sure that you are keeping constant communication with other members of staff. You should be a fun, creative individual as you will need to make sure that the guests truly believe that you are just as magical as the elves and Santa. 

arctic stars
Job Description
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Whilst out in Lapland, your duties will include greeting guests at the airport, making sure they’re on the correct coach, ensuring that they’re in the correct accommodation, providing the guests with key information such as pick up and mealtimes throughout their stay and handling any issues that may arise during the tour. You are their first impression of Canterbury Travel and Lapland, so you need to possess a high level of professionalism but also fun!

Within the Application, you will be required to provide a short video audition just to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you. We urge you to take this opportunity to show us why you would make the perfect Arctic Star In whatever fashion you believe will show us who you really are, be CREATIVE! 

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