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Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood is Santa’s number one wooden toy maker and having spent many years developing her woodwork skills, she is exceptionally good at her craft. From the finest pencils to the most elegant wooden rocking horse, there is nothing she can’t make. 


Her ambition is to keep the tradition of wooden toys alive and encourage modern-day children to appreciate the wonders of these timeless toys. 

Wendy Wood Voice Example

Tomboy style, waistcoat, bowtie

Finding the best wood to make her wooden toys and being in her workshop.

Bad wood, losing her tools and that nobody wants wooden toys anymore.

Canterbury Travel Elves

What we are looking for

To be considered for this role we are seeking a highly professional actor with  excellent improvisational skills and a quirky, high energy personality. You must  have the ability to remain professional and in character throughout the day and  possess skills in not only bringing the character to life through direction, but also doing so through your own personal character development.

Wendy Wood Voice Example

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