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Snowy Bowy

Snowy Bowy

Deep within the forest you are likely to find many beautiful bows placed  delicately upon the trees, each one uniquely designed (in a variety of styles, colors and patterns), by the beautiful princess of Lapland. With the appearance  of a snow angel and a strong, yet caring and amicable personality, Snowy Bowy is one of the most loved elves here in Lapland.


Many of her friends look up to  her for advice and she is always happy to offer this support whenever  necessary! Snowy feels incredibly honored to be second in line to Santa and  wouldn’t change anything about her life in Lapland. She particularly enjoys dancing in the snow, catching snowflakes and using her magic to make  Christmas dreams come true!  

Snowy Bowy Voice Example

Magical well established elf

Beautiful princess appearance with traditional dress and crown

Making bows, putting bows on trees, sparkles, working together as a  team, girly dresses, making new friends, when there’s lots of snowfall, catching  snowflakes, magic, making snow angels, colourful things, the northern lights,  singing, the peacefulness of the forest 

When her friends are sad, if Tricky Dicky takes a prank too far,  when elves take her bows off the trees, too much noise and craziness

Unique Characteristics
Skilled at making bows, magical, regal,  elegant, graceful, responsible, gentle voice  

Canterbury Travel Elves

What we are looking for

To be considered for this role we are seeking an experienced eclectic entertainer with excellent improvisational skills and the capability to portray a powerful and  strong, yet delicate and beautiful protagonist. Further to this you must have the  ability to remain professional and in character throughout the day and possess  skills in not only bringing the character to life through direction, but also doing  so through your own personal character development.

Snowy Bowey Voice Example

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