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Make-up / Wig Assistant

Become a Part of the Magic

The Role

Your role as a Make-up / Wig Assistant requires you to have a great work ethic, be energetic, social, love to be a part of a team and not be adverse to early mornings! The position is suited to candidates who are confident in their artistic abilities and have an understanding of wigs and postiche application, styling and care. 

Ideal candidates will be confident and happy to work in small teams. Following an initial training period and a workshop with an industry wig artist, candidates are then trusted to care for the postiche in their resort and oversee the continuity of our character's makeup application.  

Makeup application is basic due to the limited time available before characters are required on location, therefore the role can often be suitable to newly graduated makeup artists looking for a position that will develop timings of makeup application and skills working with wigs and postiche.  

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Job Description
Santa Makeup

Mua Examples

Bring the
Magic to Life

A basic pre-understanding of application, styling and setting of wigs and postiche are required, as Santa is regarded as the main event, he must look authentic. We want to bring the magic to life!  


Overall, we are looking for hard-working, confident individuals who can communicate and collaborate with not only their small team but also the wider team. Quick thinking and the ability to adapt to new surroundings is a must and of course, lots of Christmas spirit! 

A Makeup Artistry qualification is required with basic knowledge of the care and application of wigs and postiche.

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