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Speedy Sam

Speedy Sam

Speedy Sam is a young and athletic elf who loves to challenge his friends to many different types of races. He currently holds the record as the fastest elf in Lapland, a title he never wants to lose.

Santa Claus set his the important job of running around the world collecting letters from all the boys and girls for Christmas. He loves this responsibility and with many years of experience, Speedy is good at what he does.

Speedy Sam Voice Example

Bright red traditional outfit with hat, has a sack of letters 

Competitions, winning races and collecting letters.

When someone beats him at a race and when his letters are disorganised.

Canterbury Travel Elves

What we are looking for

To be considered for this role we are seeking an experienced energetic entertainer with excellent improvisational skills and a good level of physical fitness. You must  have the ability to remain professional and in character throughout the day and  possess skills in not only bringing the character to life through direction, but also doing so through your own personal character development.

Speedy Sam Voice Example

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